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On the Rocks Girls was founded by​ friends Gaby and Esther. They met in college, in Southern California. 

The friends hosted and attended many of the same social events—where they seemed to always end up preparing and serving drinks from behind the bar. 

They bartended so often that people started to expect the girls to bartend future events.

They have a talent for the art and science of mixing drinks. But they're also people persons: They like meeting new people, having conversations, creating a comfortable atmosphere, sharing fun moments. 

"You girls should turn this into a business," they were told.​​​ It wasn't all just alcohol-inspired enthusiasm either. 

On the Rocks Girls became an official business in 2015. A few years later, one friend had to leave California as well as the business. 

Gaby stayed, though, and so did On the Rocks Girls.

She's assembled an awesome team of bartenders who provide only extraordinary service to clients and their guests. Although we've never asked clients to review us, we have only five stars on Yelp.

Gaby feels lucky she's been able to turn her hobby into a business. "I love to bartend," she says. "I get to meet people, I get to be an informal counselor, and most of the time I get to make people happy."​​